Samantha Bessel is an emerging Tasmanian Artist and graphic designer whose work has been shown across the state. 

Some of the talented people behind Rising Phoenix Studios: 

From Florida, Griselda handles new contacts, events and business services for the studio. She also helps with studio marketing.

Jonathan Silverman 

​Operations Manager AU

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Based in Chicago, Christopher Suarez is a designer and sculptor. He has worked in the gaming industry since 2004 in various creative, commercial and administrative roles. He has experience with crowdsourcing and has helped in the development of a number of not-for -profit organizations. 

Griselda Luna

​Business Liaison Officer

James Simpson is a writer from Anderson. His poetry has received several commendations and awards. He is currently working on establishing studio programs with disadvantaged young artists in Indiana.   

Kitty Taylor is a Tasmanian artist who embraces and fosters innovation in the arts. Her work has been exhibited globally in cities such as Paris and New York. Kitty has delivered numerous projects drawing narratives from regional communities and has extensive crowdsourcing experience. 

Christopher Suarez 

​Operations Manager USA

Griselda Luna

Kitty Taylor

​Creative Programs Manager

Jonathan Silverman is an Australian editor and writer. Jonathan has worked in the publishing and business writing sectors and also brings years of management and marketing experience to Rising Phoenix Studios. 

Rising Phoenix Studios is a youth focused organization that believes social change can assist young troubled artists to rise from the ashes.

From their offices in Australia and the United States, the studio undertakes projects in the creative industries to help young artists jump-start their careers. Engagement in the arts can build the capacity to overcome issues such as disability, disadvantaged living or mental health challenges.

Through art, we can meaningfully contribute to our communities be it with unique, innovative products or community projects.

James Simspon


Keagan Belbin 

​Writer, Photographer

Nathan Tucker

​Studio Director

Samantha Bessel 


Nathan Tucker is an Australian writer and artist. He has published a number of short stories, worked in the film, game and business industries. His digital art has been shown internationally. He started Rising Phoenix Studios as a platform to help young artists jump start their creative industries careers.

Keagan Belbin is a young Tasmania writer with a passion for creative, social and political writing. He most recently worked as an administrator of Rising Phoenix Studios' ‘Spirited Devonport’ Blog project.