Laneway to Laneway

Cities across the world are recognizing the potential value in alleys and

laneways, transforming them from junk spaces to havens of art, music, food and renewable culture. Just as lanes and alleys connect our dynamic urban landscapes, regenerating these spaces connects the people who occupy them.

Rising Phoenix Studios is proud to present Laneway to Laneway, a touring event projecting new media art onto urban canvasses, connecting cities and artists across the globe.

The exhibition kicks off in Tasmania, Australia in April as part of Devonport Regional Gallery’s 'Reclaim the Lane!' festival then begins touring internationally, starting in Southeast Asia.


Submissions for the Laneway to Laneway exhibition are now open and Rising Phoenix Studios invites artists of all career stages and locations to submit their work.  The exhibition has an open theme and all art forms are accepted. The works will be digitally projected and images must be a high quality reproduction.

​                                             To submit click here.

General guidelines

  • Laneway to Laneway is produced by Rising Phoenix Studios.

  • Laneway to Laneway is intended for viewers of all ages. Please consider this when submitting heavily adult themed material.

  • Submissions must be the original work of the contributor.

  • Copyright of submissions remains with the contributor.

  • Copyright of Laneway to Laneway remains with Rising Phoenix Studios.

  • By submitting work, contributors grant authority to Rising Phoenix Studios to exhibit that submission in Laneway to Laneway

  • No payments will be made for successful submissions.

  • Rising Phoenix Studios may use your image for marketing purposes for Laneway to Laneway. A photo credit will be given should your artwork be used.

  • Max file size is 2MB.

  • You may submit up to 4 images.

  • This is a curated exhibition, not all art works will be shown. You will be notified if your works are included.